Top Restaurants in Toronto (for broke people who like going out)

*As I am still extremely new to the city, this post will be ongoing and updated whenever I discover noteworthy affordable places. *

From reading my blog you will soon learn that I am obsessed with eating good food and drinking good drinks… all the time. This can be a huge problem for me since I am on a student budget (either poor or in saving mode to avoid being poor). So as I continue to discover new hidden gems/ hole in the wall dive bars around the city that I like, I will add them to this post. This is also a way for me to avoid sounding like a preacher to every friend/ acquaintance I have about the new places I have discovered (I am way to passionate about food).

  1. Java House- Queen Street West (has patio)

I saw this one mentioned on a list of cheap places from a Blog T.O post, and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly impressed and ended up there twice in one week ($16 dollar Sangria pitchers– need I say more). However, between my friends and I, we have also tried a decent amount of the food which did not disappoint either- surprisingly delish pad thai. It’s also worth noting that the sketchy atmosphere is well worth it for $3.75 mimosas and really cheap beer pitchers.


2. Thai Spicy House- Mount Pleasant 

You may be quickly catching on to the fact I am currently in a thai phase. Although not extremely cheap overall, my boyfriend and I discovered their “date night” special (not sure if that was exact name). This deal included a huge portion of pad thai, rice, and an order of chicken (I believe ours was thai crispy chicken) all for $28. The portions were big enough for both of us to enjoy for at least two meals- very impressed for the price.


3. Burrito Boys- Everywhere 

I know this is not an exciting discovery, and almost everyone has tried them out. But I have yet to discover better drunk food (or sober) than their nachos…YES NACHOS! My friends would laugh at me when I had yet to try a burrito from Burrito Boys, but once I tried a bite of my friends cheesy nachos I never went back. These nachos come in a huge portion (can easily be shared) and you can put cheese sauce AND their token burrito sauce on them. If you are an avid Burrito Boys customer, I urge you to try the nachos next time… (especially if you are slightly intoxicated).

To be continued…. 

*Images are not my own.. found on google because I need to work on being artsy*


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