The (surprising) Initial Struggles of Planning a Big Trip

As I write this post I am just finishing my 4th hour of avid google searches for today. My boyfriend and I are looking to go on a trip at the end of summer before returning to school (my first non American/ Caribbean trip). Hugely to my surprise, I am discovering planning a big trip is a MASSIVE task!

Our original plan:

Head to Thailand for 2 weeks, since it is super cheap once your over there, beautiful, and has lots of delish pad thai (yum).

What I discovered:

Thailand is a LONGGGGG flight from Canada, and a long flight = a heafty price tag. After checking endless websites, and thinking of all possible ways to make it work, we decided to rule out Thailand this time. Thinking of 25 hours of travel for the sake of 2 weeks did not seem very feasible, so we decided to put that destination on hold for when we have time (and funds) for a longer adventure.

Newest Plan:

Tour around Italy for a week and a half (wine and pasta!!!).. hitting Florence, Milan, Venice, Genoa, and Rome. After hours of research, this plan seems feasible so far. Thanks to Air BnB it is reasonable to get our own little apartment, which also allows us to save money on food (by buying groceries). According to my google research, all the places we want to visit are very easily accessible via train from Florence (as a home base). The airfair is still quite hefty, but not quite as scary as Thailand (and way shorter in duration).

We are both HUGE foodies, so Italy seems like an appropriate choice in that sense.

I am still very early in the planning stages, but I thought it was worth sharing all the time and research that goes into planning a big trip like this (since I had NO idea).

SO now I am asking any of you for suggestions!! If anyone has been to Italy and has some noteworthy restaurants/ sights/ cities (even if not on my list), PLEASE let me know!

I will also continue to post any relevant tips/ struggles/ suggestions for any other newbie travellers such as myself!

Cheers !



*Image taken from google*


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